? Thank You & Happy Valentine’s Day! ?

❤️I just got the most lovely email from one of my readers. It totally made my day… and that made me think that I should write a quick note to say how much I love and value this awesome homeschool community!
I started this blog way back when we lived in an isolated community (in the Australian Outback, where we lived for 12 years) that only had a one other homeschooling family (with much older kids). 
Hiking in the Outback
Simpsons GapOutback 2009 Days Camel Races Alice Springs Australia
I never imagined that sharing our journey and our resources would bring me so much joy and lead to friendships all across the world! I love hearing your joys and sharing in your journey. I love answering your questions (as best I can!). I love all the comments and likes and gentle things YOU do to keep me inspired! Thank you so much! ? Happy Valentine’s Day! ~Liesl
P.S. I shared this yesterday over on FB, but it was so sweet I wanted to share it here too because I know some of you aren’t on Facebook. Here’s what I shared:
I’m feeling pampered today! My daughter wanted to bring me breakfast in bed this morning… she started by bringing me TWO cups of coffee! Hope you’re having a wonderful homeschool day too!
Breakfast in Bed

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