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I wanted to let you know that I added a New Page: Hands On Homeschool Activities. This is a page (rather than a blog post), so I wanted to link to it here – for those of you who come to the blog from time to time to check out our latest posts! (As a new page, it’s wouldn’t be listed here.)

Click on this link of the picture below Hands On Homeschool Activities to see the dozens and dozens of photos and hands-on activity ideas!

Ultimate Hands-On Homeschooling GuideStudents learn so much from hands-on learning! By doing a project or experiment, students gain a better understanding of the material. There is no substitute for activities that require kids to use their hands as well as their minds! Kids are engaged and want to know more. And not only that, but they remember the activities longer.  I’ve found that my kids might forget some of the details about a topic we’ve learned, but by reminding them of the activity they did they can visualize the activity and then they’ll begin to remember more details about the subject at hand.

I wanted to create a page that you could scroll through to help you find some fun, engaging activities for your kids. This page has dozens and dozens of hands-on activity ideas (in pictures!). This is a static page (rather than a blog post), so you’ll need to click here to see all these photos! Hands On Homeschool Activities

These are the categories you’ll find there:

  1. Hands-On Engineering Activities
  2. Hands-On Science Activities
  3. Hands-On Activities Outdoors in Nature
  4. Hands-On Activities for History
  5. Hands-On Fun with Games
  6. Hands-On Activities in the Wider World!

And once you’ve seen many pictures of our hands-on activities, be sure you visit this post on Hands-On Teaching Strategies to grab your free download if you haven’t already. This was a post I shared a few weeks ago!Hands-On Activity Ideas - Homeschool Teaching StrategiesGrab this free resource with dozens of teaching strategies and hands-on activity ideas!Hands-On Activity Ideas - Homeschool Teaching Strategies - Free Printable

I hope all these pictures and ideas left you excited for YOUR homeschool journey! You are amazing! You have chosen a unique, wonderful path for your kids!!! I am SO excited to hear about your adventures and all the activities you add to your homeschool day! 🙂

P.S. I was asked pretty often, what grades the kids were in when they did these various units.  Although this is a little hard to answer because we are a homeschooling family that has done science and history together as a family, I came up with a series of free curriculum guides for families called  Creating Your Homeschool Curriculum, Free Resource Guides

These are FREE 35+ page resource guides that I put together to help answer some basic questions:

  • What subjects should I teach my 4th or 5th grader?(or kindergartner or 7th grader!)
  • Where do I start?
  • How do I know what to teach my kids?

Click here to download these FREE Curriculum Resource Guides:

Homeschool Curriculum Resource Guides - Free GuidesFor those of you not in the U.S.:

  • Kindergarten-Grade 1 is for (roughly) ages 5-7
  • Grade 2-3 is for ages 7-9
  • Grade 4-5 is for ages 9-11
  • Grades 6-8 is for ages 11-14

FREE Curriculum Resource Guides: These are some of the units and topics our family covered in these years. It might provide a starting point for those of you just starting your homeschool journey and may give you an idea or two if you’ve been at this homeschool thing for a while! I hope they are helpful!!

Once again, click on this link of the picture below! Hands On Homeschool Activities to get to the latest page!

Ultimate Hands-On Homeschooling Guide

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Happy Homeschooling, everyone!!  ~Liesl


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