Homeschool Conference!

I just spent two wonderful, full-on days at a homeschool conference in Virginia.  I had such an amazing time speaking and getting to meet lots of people who visited my booth! Remember, the link to the conference page is here: with tips on how to navigate all the resources on the website and links to the free homeschool planner, curriculum resource guides and various resource pages. I know there’s a lot to explore here on the website with well over 2,000 posts and hundreds of free materials! 🙂

Plus, you can also grab the free workshop pdf I made for my workshop session (hands-on homescholing) at that page as well.

Conference Handout

Here is a picture of my booth with all the packets printed out and bound together nicely…  of course, the materials my kids get never, ever look this pristine!  We print the pages we need and 3-hole punch them to put them into their science, history or language arts 3-ring notebooks! By the time the pages are put in their notebooks, they are covered in doodles, battered and torn!  But, it was amazing to get to see the spread of materials looking nice in bound form!

Homeschool Conference - Homeschool Den Booth

Again, so wonderful to meet all of you… and hope to meet many more of my readers sometime in the future!!



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