Fun Math Game with 3 Dice! (Freebie)

Here’s a quick game you can print out and play with your kids today! All it requires is 3 dice! Kids have to add and/or subtract numbers to try to mark off the numbers on the game board.

This version is called Contig and I saw it on Math Wire years ago:

Here’s how to play:

  • Player 1 tosses the three dice. Using either addition or subtraction, create a number problem with the three numbers on the dice. Cross off the square with that answer.  For example, if you rolled a 5, 3 and 6… you could do 5-3+6=8 or you could do 6+5-1=10… So, you could cross off either the square with an 8 or the square with a 10. (Or any other answer that uses all three of the numbers on the dice!)
  • A player gets one point for the square they cross off and a point for every square it touches that is already marked off! (Highest possible number of points per round is 9.)
  • The player with the most point at the end wins!

You can also play a similar game with the three dice (adding and subtracting, crossing off the answers), but players try to be the first to get 4 in a row.

Here is a free printable if you want to download that to play with your kids! Have fun! ~Liesl

Free Printable:  Math Game – 3 dice

Math Game

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