Write Your Own Haiku!

write your own haikuThe past couple of days, the kids have been writing their own Haikus during our writing workshop time. Your family might have fun with this too!

What is a haiku? It is a traditional form of Japanese poetry.  These seem simple as they are only three lines, but the kids found it to be tricky!

A haiku has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 syllables in the last (for a total of 17 syllables).

Generally, a haiku has a seasonal word or phrase.  And haikus use sensory images (see, hear, taste, feel, touch) to paint an image in the reader’s mind.

We gave it a go in our homeschool. The first one was by DD:

Roaring like a lion

Crashing its thunderous waves

Whisking leaves downstream.

Lone tadpole hovers

February sun warms the pond

Is it too early?

Stars dot the night sky

Disappear when bats fly by

Silent in their quest

How do your kids do?! (Feel free to send me theirs and I’d be happy to publish it here on the blog!)

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