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Cell Unit - Plant and Animal Cell Worksheets and ActivitiesThe past week, we reviewed the organelles of the cell and talked about the function each plays in the cell. I made a set of animal cell review sheets for the kids:

Cell organelles worksheetsI have added these new pages to our Study of Cells Packet. This was a unit we first did a couple of years ago.  When we did that unit, we went into a lot of detail about how cell theory developed, the two main types of cells (prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells). We compared plant and animal cells and talked about how proteins are synthesized and more!

Here is DD showing us the parts of the cell in the play dough model she made (when she was 9, two years ago). She talks rather quickly, but you get the idea! ;)

How did DD learn all this? We read through April Terrazas’s book Cellular Biology: Organelles, Structure, Function  (affiliate link) and by the end of the week (going through the book once each day), the kids knew the basic functions COLD!! Lysosomes are the “trash can” of the cell… I *highly* recommend her book! It’s simplistic, but really effective.

We read this book again this past week.  My older two still remembered all the material, but it was really helpful for my youngest (age 8), especially when we went over the new worksheets I the kids this week:

Animal Cell Organelle Review SheetNote: The book I mention above doesn’t include the Endoplasmic reticulum, which we definitely need to know when we went on to learn about how proteins are made in our study of cells.  Still, it was such a powerful teaching tool. I don’t know if we could have covered the basic organelles any easier than by using her book! A couple other books we used two years ago included Learning About Cells and Cell Function and Specialization. (affiliate links)CellUnit-Books2

If you are interested in finding out about our Study of Cells Packet you can purchase it below for $8.99 or you can visit this post: Cell Unit: Cell Organelles and their Function, Animal vs. Plant Cells, Eurkaryotic vs. Prokaryotic Cells, and more which goes into a lot of detail about the hands-on activities we did in this unit and the various pages/activities that are included.

Our Study of Cells packet is about (now over 150+ pages).

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A Study of Cells Packet


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Cell Packet - Cell Unit Homeschool CurriculumCell Biology - Organelles of the Cell worksheets activities Plant Cells WorksheetsNew materials on Plant Cells and Photosynthesis:

Recently, we did a unit on plant cells and photosynthesis. I created more than 50 new pages of worksheets and notebook pages. I’ve added this new material (as a separate PDF) to this unit!  This unit now include more than 150 pages of materials!

Plant Cell and Photosynthesis WorksheetsOrganelles of Plant and Animal Cells WorksheetsCell Unit - Plant and Animal Cell Worksheets and Activities

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From here, we will be going on to talk about some of the Human Body Systems — starting first with the Circulatory System – The Heart, Blood, Arteries/Veins and More! Here are just a couple of pages from that new packet:

Circulatory System WorksheetsThis unit is also available in the Biology BUNDLE of 5

Biology BUNDLE of 5 Units

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