Last Day of the Back to School Challenge – First Days of School!

We’ve done it — we’ve talked about our systems, routine, and chores. We’ve double checked that we have the books and supplies we need.  We’re primed and excited for the new school year.  Now… just one thing left… to be ready to jump right in!!

Back-to-Homeschool-Celebrations-HomeschoolDaysHave you decided how you want to mark the first day of school?

  • Will you take back to school photos?
  • Write a time capsule letter for the end of the school year?
  • Celebrate with a field trip?
  • Attend a “not-back-to-school picnic”? (Those are especially popular in our area!)
  • Have a special homeschool play-date with friends?
  • Bring out the new school supplies?
  • Have a special breakfast planned?
  • Start a new family novel together?
  • Or will you just ease into the school year without much of a bump in the road?
  • Will you be starting in with a full day of school and covering lots of new subjects?
  • Or, will you ease back in over the course of the week or two adding in a subject or two at a time. (That’s what we tend to do.)
  • Whatever you do, have fun!! 🙂

Homeschool Days: Be sure to keep your eye out for amazing homeschool opportunities in your community and farther afield. Many historic sites, museums, aquariums and others have amazing opportunities for homeschoolers in the early fall while the weather is still nice. Just google Homeschool Days 2016 and the name of nearby museums and historic sites in your area to see what you might find!!

For example, on Th-Fri Sept. 8 and 9, 2016 The Wilds in Ohio (North America’s largest conservation facility with over 9,000 acres to support exotic and endangered wildlife) is hosting their first ever Home School Overnight Program: CONSERVATION SCIENTISTS! (Find out more at their website: the Wilds and scroll way down the page. I’m not an affiliate, just passing on cool information!)  I wish we could go to that! This was a picture from a safari we took a couple of years ago (and we did a homeschool program while we were there that was just great!) See more about our visit at this post: What?! A Safari in Ohio?!


Our family has gone twice to Colonial Williamsburg in September for their Homeschool Days. This year Homeschool Days in Williamsburg is September 10 to 25, 2016.  When we went, we spent a week and soaking up all their amazing activities.  It was phenomenal!  (See more about it in these posts: Homeschool Week at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and Hands On Experiences at Colonial Williamsburg)

P1220468Williamsburg-CourthouseP1220499CanonAnd of course we had to visit Jamestown while we were in that area!

Jamestown2Another example: The National Aquarium in Baltimore has special Homeschool Program on Sharks this year Sept 13, 14 and 15th, 2016.

National Aquarium-1

Other places like the Philadelphia Museum of Art have regular homeschool workshops (homeschool museum classes) throughout the year.

No matter where you are, there are sure to be some amazing opportunities for homeschoolers!  Keep your eyes open and have fun!!

Have a great day! Happy Homeschooling!! ~Liesl

Here are links to some of the other posts in our 10-Day Back to Homeschool Challenge Series. Just one more day to go!!

  • Our first challenge was just to spend a few minutes reflecting on the journey we’re on and being grateful for the opportunities we have as homeschoolers




  • Hold a Family Meeting – to help with routines, rules and expectations (as well as because they are just plain fun!)


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As many of you know, we started a Homeschool Den Chat FB group last January.We take a summer break, but  so I’m not posting at we’ll resume regular posting toward the end of August. This is a closed FB group to share what’s working (and what’s not) in your homeschool. It’s a place to talk about the ups and downs of homeschool life.

• Share what’s working in your homeschool.
• Get inspiration from others!
• Talk about homeschool strategies that work.
• Learn from one another.

Find out more about the Homeschool Den Chat Group here.

See you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! You might also want to check out some of our resources pages above (such as our Science, Language Arts, or History Units Resource Pages) which have links to dozens of posts.  You might want to join our free Homeschool Den Chat Facebook group.  Don’t forget to check out Our Store as well. :) ~Liesl

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