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In last week’s post, I mentioned an online-planner that many homeschool families use.  I still need to be able to see everything at a glance and to be able to check things over the course of the day, so I like having everything gathered in a 3-ring notebook.

Last year I got a notebook that has a built in file dividers where I can place invitations and keep important papers (like permission forms and so forth). And best of all, it has an elastic strap that keeps it closed when I take it out of the house. I love that!!

I print out the kids’ daily checklist, our monthly calendar, and (subject) planning pages.  I file them in a 3-ring notebook along with my business/blog related planning pages.

Homeschool-PlannerI suggest that you find a good home for your planner.  For quite a long time, my binder stayed on the end of the dining room table (or on the living room couch!!) because we referred to it all throughout the day (as we browsed through what subjects/topics we still had to cover).  Now it has a better home on a “desk” area in the kitchen under the phone.

FREE Calendar, Homeschool Planning Pages and Homeschool Supply List:

I’ve just recently added new pages to our calendar (to get ready for the new school year).  You can download and print out this free 2016-2017 calendar. It covers July 2016 through June 2017.

 Free Printable Calendar: Fall 2016-Spring 2017

Free 2016 2017 Printable Calendar with Holidays

Homeschool Supply List:

You will also find a list of some of the items you might need in your homeschool. You can see the Homeschool Supply List post  here where I highlight some of the things we use A LOT in our homeschool. 🙂

This year I splurged and got a new spiral binding machine by TruBind (affiliate link)  I had a comb binder for years and years, but we were getting annoyed that the pages pull out if you use it a lot.  Since I’m putting together a number of packets for the kids this year, I splurged on this (and the various supplies). 🙂

Make sure you are thoughtful and don’t rush out to get everything on the list… just get whatever you think you’ll need and go from there!!

So, that’s about it for today. Happy Homeschooling and Terrific Teaching!

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Before I go, I have two things I’m pretty excited about coming up on the blog… 1) the 10-Day Back to Homeschool Challenge and 2) a new Homeschool Mastermind Group

**1) Did you enjoy this post?  From August 8th  thru August 19th get ready for your homeschool year with our 10-Day Back to Homeschool Challenge! Each day for those two weeks, I’ll have an activity or task for us to tackle to help us feel prepared for the school year to begin.


**2) Interested in a Homeschool Mastermind Group?

Homeschool Mastermind Group - Homeschool Den

I’m hoping to organize a small discussion & motivational group this fall for people who want to share the ups-and-downs of homeschooling.  It will be for those with at least one child in middle school (6th to 8th grades, ages 10 to 13).  [If we have lots of demand for other age groups I’ll consider opening another.]

This will be a small group of lovely homeschoolers who want to chat in a more private setting… about small triumphs, little homeschool hiccups, the bigger homeschool picture and more!  (I’d love to chat about fitness too if the group agrees.)

This year, it will probably be a closed FB group (rather than a forum on the blog).

I hope to open enrollment in mid-August and it will run from August through May.

There will be an enrollment application process and I’ll fill you in on those details in a few weeks.

If you have any thoughts about this and want to drop me an email early, feel free (liesl at homeschoolden d0t com)… Though be warned that I’m still busy with #2 on today’s checklist… *Relaxing!!!* so might not get back to you right away.

More details soon! ~Liesl

2 Responses

  1. Jenny says:

    Dear Liesl,
    Many thanks for these pages they will be a real help to me as I try to plan a whole year for two children for the first time. I was trying to be more leisurely and child led this past year but we ended up doing the same sorts of boring things so now I can plan in the exciting from the beginning. The children can still have a big say but it allows me to be more organised and prepared.

    best wishes for the new school year


    • homeschooldenadmin says:

      I’m glad they are helpful, Jenny! I can’t believe I’ve already started jotting some family events into October and November!! Summer is zipping by!! 🙂

      I know what you mean about having a plan from the beginning. I’ve been up really late several night (’til 3am!!) planning out some of the activities & getting our electricity/circuits unit ready. I know there are some activities that the kids will *love* but they just wouldn’t happen unless I planned things out well in advance. I find it tough sometimes to juggle all the different subjects for all three kids, so I definitely use our “breaks” to try to get a bit ahead of the game.

      Hope you have a great start to your homeschool year too!!

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