Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, & Yellowstone Highlights Video and More!

It’s taking me longer to go through the pictures to share them than the trip itself!! I’m excited because today not only do I have some photos to share, but I also put together a 5-minute video of Yellowstone.

A week or so ago I shared our photos from Canyon de Chelly.  From there we continued west through Arizona, first to the Petrified Forest and then on to the pueblo cliff dwellings.  Today you’ll see a few pictures of the Petrified Forest and the pueblo ruins at Montezuma’s Castle, Montezuma’s Well and Tuzigoot. Then I chose just a couple pictures from the Grand Canyon. And finally, I put together a 5-minute video that highlights the features we saw at Yellowstone… from Old Faithful and the Morning Glory Pool to bubbling mudpots, geysers and wildlife.  I think the neatest video shot was of a bear cub swinging from the branches.  We got a really good video snippet of that by zooming in!

So without further ado… a few more of our West photos:

Petrified Forest National Park:


Montezuma’s Castle: Pueblo cliff dwelling built by the Sinagua people between 1100 and 1425 AD.

Montezumas-CastleMontezuma’s Well:

MontezumasWellTuzigoot National Monument:

TuzigootGrand Canyon National Park


Yellowstone National Park Video

And since I’m running out of time for today, I’m going to share our 5-minute video that highlights many of the cool features we saw at Yellowstone National Park!! We were there right at the beginning of June. The weather was perfect… and the geysers, mudpots, hot springs and wildlife were *amazing*!!

You can get our USA Road Trip Travel Log free here:

The kids *loved* filling this out on our trip (and getting the Passport Stamps at all the National Parks and Monuments):

USA-Road-Trip-Travel-Log-PacketThe kids also loved this poster that we

USA Scratch Maps

Since we will be traveling across the country this summer on a trip out West, I thought the kids might really enjoy doing a scratch map (affiliate link) as we made our way across the country. I decided to go with a larger (almost poster size map 33inches x 23 inches because it also had the highways. I thought that would be a bit more fun and figured we would keep our scratch map in a poster tube.

USA-Scratch-Map-with-HighwaysThe only time I thought to snap a picture was when we were in Texas, but you get the idea!!


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