Make Your Own Chocolate Kit!

Chocolate Making Activity

We did this Make Your Own Chocolate Kit (affiliate link) a number of years ago and we all loved it! After we went over the Rain Forest Plants, it was the perfect time and excuse to make our own chocolate again!

The write-up they have in the kit is well done. We read that aloud together before actually making the chocolate. It explains the history of chocolate and how chocolate is made.  The kit was easy enough that the kids did this on their own this time!


The kit consisted of cocoa butter, cocoa powder, confectioner sugar, and cocoa beans like the ones you see in the top right picture.  We read through the pamphlet which is written in story form (about a girl from Costa Rica whose family grows cacao trees).

It goes on to explain that chocolate as we know it has only been around for the last 150 years or so when a Dutch chemist made the first chocolate press.


Then it was time for me to step back and watch the kids make their chocolate.  The directions were clear. We watched the temperature carefully (as instructed) and found that we had about 20 small chocolates in the end.  They were YUMMY!

Did you know:

 *The first solid chocolate candy appeared in England in 1847.

*In the 1890s Milton Hershey began to bring chocolate to the American public in a large-scale way.

*Today the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon produce 70% of the world’s cocoa supply.


It’s coming up on Valentine’s Day (if you need an excuse to make your own chocolate with the kids!).  We sure had a lot of fun. 🙂 Again, you’ll find the chocolate kit we used here: Make Your Own Chocolate Kit (affiliate link)

Be sure to check out the other Rain Forest Plant Activity we did as well. The Rain Forest Plant Cards I made are free to download. 🙂

Rain Forest Plant Cards - Free Montessori 3-part CardsP.S. We have a new Rainforest Unit coming out very soon! (mid-May 2017 or so) 🙂  ~Liesl

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