Preschool Valentines Day Packs (Free Resources)

There are so many wonderful free Valentine’s Day resources for preschoolers out there. I thought I’d highlight a few in case you’re planning to pull some Valentine’s activities out for the kids in the next couple of weeks:

This Reading Mama: Matching letters and sounds, math grid game, maze and more

FREE Valentines PreK Pack {This Reading Mama}

Over the Big Moon: Prewriting Practice Sheets, Cutting Practice, Which one is different, Finish the Pattern Sheet,  Size Sequencing Sheet,  Valentine Strip Puzzle, 4-piece Puzzles, Sorting Practice, Counting Practice Cards, Color the Heart, Letter and Sound Finding Cards, 2-Part Vocabulary Cards, Shadow Matching, Letter Vv Identification, Valentine Matching, Valentine Magnet Sheet, Letter Vv Sorting

VDayButton Valentines Day Pre K Pack

Two Teaching Mommies: Valentines Day Pack: Patterns, Letter sort, Number order, writing maze and moreSweethearts candy hearts preschool unit

Me and Marie: Hugs and Kisses Learning Pack includes upper-lower case letter matching, tracing practice, counting mat, size sort, bingo and more


Activity Village has a whole lot of cute Valentine’s Day Activities: You’ll find everything from mazes and jokes Valentine’s Day PuzzlesValentine’s Day Worksheets, Valentine’s Day Games — Note: Some of these printables are now only available if you join their membership.

I used to use a lot of the resources at Making Learning Fun when my kids were little. They have activities for most any theme you can think of.  Here are their Valentine themed activities. I used a lot of their literacy and math activities… like ABC dot-to-dots, color in the letter, addition clothes pin cards, and lots more.

Valentine’s Activities from Making Learning Fun

And here are some of the resources I talked about last year around this time: 

This year I came across a blog that has a wonderful set of Valentine’s resources.  There’s everything from meal planners to preschool and toddler packs; acts of kindness we can do with our kids, coloring sheets, crafts, cards and recipes.  Be sure to go check out Jamerrill’s amazing post over at The Better Mom: Free Valentine’s Day Resources:


 Valentine’s Sight Word Activity: This is an activity I made for ED one year. The printable is free.


Heart Sight Word


The Wrinkled Heart Activity

Another thing I plan to do this coming week is The Wrinkled Heart Activity. I first found this wonderful idea at ProTeacher. It’s something I did with the kids when we first studied the heart and circulatory system (when the kids were 5, 7 and 9)  It is an activity that shows how hurtful words and actions can linger; it reminds us to be kind and gentle with our words.

Before I read Chrysanthemum (affiliate link) to the kids (since that’s the book I had on hand), I cut out a heart.

Then after we read the book we talked about the things the mice said that were hurtful (and I made folds in the heart) and things we’ve said to each other that have been hurtful (more folds) and things that they’ve heard others say that might be hurtful (more folds).

Wrinkled Heart Activity

We then talked about things we say that are kind (unfold). We said as many kind things as we could until the heart was unfolded.

Then we talked about how the heart was still wrinkled and how the hurtful things we hear can linger for a while in our heart. We hung our wrinkled heart in the homeschool room as a reminder to be kind to one another.

Other books you could use with this activity (suggested by the teachers over at ProTeacher): These are affiliate links:


My kids can always use a gentle reminder to speak kindly to one another!

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Free Valentine’s Day Math Printables — Addition, Doubling, Multiplication and Division worksheets and games



Don’t miss our free Valentine’s Day math printables:

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day!

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