Homeschooling is Like Coaching an Olympic Sport

To become an expert, I’ve heard it takes 10,000 hours of hard work and practice.  But, it also takes a special teacher, coach or mentor to get to that elite level.

Just as top Olympic coaches help motivate and train their athletes by keeping track of every work out and by designing plans and drills that work, we homeschoolers/educators keep track of our kids’ learning, observe their strengths and weaknesses (academically), and find/design curriculum that help them hone their skills.  We help them to make steady progress over the long haul.

Homeschooling takes consistent work over long periods of time.  Progress and improvement isn’t always noticeable in the short term, but with enough time we can see our students improving and their progress becomes visible.  Just think back to when the kids were learning to read.  They didn’t read in a day, it took slow, steady work.

As educators we are here to help our kids become the very best versions of themselves they can be.

We inspire, motivate, and encourage.  We help our kids sharpen and hone their skills. We observe and advise. We help our kids catch, correct, and learn from their mistakes.  We are there for them day-after-day, year-after-year helping the kids grow consistently over time.

And when the kids are off on their own achieving their dreams, we stand back filled with pride and knowing we helped them along their journey towards adulthood.

What an amazing job we have!


So, those are my thoughts about teaching for today! Happy homeschooling and terrific teaching! ~Liesl

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