Free Sudoku Puzzles and Mazes for Kids

Whether you are going on a long trip or writing the kids a letter at camp, these printables might come in handy this summer!!  We have been using Krazy Dad’s website for years and I wanted to highlight them again since just recently I pulled out some of the printables we made again. I love that his materials are so varied. So, while ED is working on the harder 4×4 puzzles, DD is working on the hard 6×6 and easy 9×9 puzzles.  He also has a wide range of mazes too!

Krazy Dad has hundreds and hundreds of Sudoku puzzles for kids in 4×4 squares, 6×6 squares and 8×8 squares and other sudoku puzzles (that are even harder!).  For the 4×4 puzzles, you have to fill in the block so that each row, each column and each 2-by-2 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 4. He has easier versions (where more numbers are filled in) and harder versions (where he doesn’t offer as many numbers to start with).

Pictured below are the 4×4 and 6×6 squares:

SudokuPuzzlesFreeOnlineHe also has lots of mazes for kids in shapes like these and in the shapes of animals, dinosaurs and more:

Thank you so much Krazy Dad!

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