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Unschooling Summit (Free Online Interviews): As you can tell, we are not unschoolers, but I love reading/learning about homeschooling in its many facets. There are elements of unschooling that appeal to me. I know the kids learn enormous amounts when they are following their interests and passions. It’s fascinating to see how other families are pulling together their children’s education.

I really enjoyed listening to the Unschooling Summit interviews last year. This year’s summit consists of monthly interviews by Michelle Barron with different experts. The interview available right now is with Blake Boles,  founder of Unschool Adventures. She also has interviews lined up with Sue Patterson, Amy Childs, Diane Flynn Keith, Scott Noelle, Pam Laricchia, and others. You can listen to one each month (until the next interview is released).

Anyway, I just wanted to pass along this information for anyone else who might be interested. Click here for more information:


I’m not affiliated with the Unschooling Summit, but did enjoy the interviews I listened to last year. 🙂

See you again soon here or over on our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! ~Liesl

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