I laughed so hard…

Today during math circles we had this mind bender:  Cut this magic carpet into three pieces and sew it back together to make a 6×6 carpet.


DD and LD got it WAAaaaayy before ED and I did.  ED was sad that she hadn’t gotten it yet, so LD said

Well, you are young and your mind is just developing.

Mom’s mind is old and her mind is rotting!

That had me in stitches!!

Oh and as for the puzzle… I’m not going to give the answer, but I will give you a hint… The three pieces you cut are all rectangles.

Good luck and let me know if you get the answer!! ~Liesl (who got the answer 20 minutes after DD and LD!)

Want to know more about Math Cirlces? Here’s a good post to read: Critical Thinking Activities: Math Circles


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