German Books for Kids

This semester we started back in our German studies with these two story books. We sat down together to read through the stories… and stop along the way to go over vocabulary.  The first book we read was Floppy Das Monster Ist Fast Auf Immer Verloren (German Edition) (The books in this post are affiliate links.) The kids did really well with both the story line and the vocabulary.


The other book we are using is called Es War Einmal (German Edition) by Susanne Ehrlich.  Unfortunately, this book seems to be out of print. We got it used on Amazon.  The kids did really well with these stories because they were so familiar.

We have almost finished with those two books and after that we’ll return to the books we were using last spring, Bobo Siebenschläfer and Bobo Siebenschläfer ist wieder da. Bildgeschichten für ganz Kleine. What I like about these children’s stories is that Bobo has various adventures. For example, he goes to the store, plays with his toys, goes to the zoo or goes to the park or zoo. It really helps German language learner build vocabulary. You can see some examples of these stories and read more about them in this post: German Stories for Kids.


In the next week or so, my older two will continue on with Practice Makes Perfect Complete German Grammar which we’ve been using since the beginning of the year.  The kids are going over some basic grammar rules. We are progressing through it very, very slowly, but it is working well for us.

As for ED, she will continue using some of the free resources we’ve gotten off the Internet. For more about those, visit this post Free German Worksheets for Kids or Foreign Language GOLDMINE!!! German Flashcards, German Writing Worksheets. She’ll probably use some of the cute readers we printed off several years ago (I used these with my older kids a while back)



And, ED will also go over a few things from our German Animals Packet that I made for her last semester and we’ll go on to people and things around the home:


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