Brilliant Way for Kids to Understand Pi

Just a quick note for you this morning because I thought you might like this too. When I saw this, I just knew I’d have to share it with the kids! They have taken to memorizing π. (I think DD knows π to 31 digits and her best friend knows it to 50 digits (in two languages, she tells me!)! Um… I’m not sure why, but it’s impressive!).  The illustration below makes π so clear, doesn’t it!

This image has been selected as picture of the day (and picture of the month) in various places.  It does such a fabulous job helping kids (and adults) understand pi!

Animation of the act of unrolling a circle’s circumference, illustrating the ratio π as featured on Wikipedia


This image was selected as picture of the day on the English Wikipedia for January 20, 2007.

This image was selected as picture of the month on the Mathematics Portal for May 2013.

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