Homeschool Family Sends 7 Kids to College by Age 12

My friend and I were having a long conversation about the options open to our kids once they reach high school and beyond. Her son and daughter, ages 9 and 11, just finished a year of chemistry using a college textbook. My friend is beginning to look into the options open to her kids as they continue moving forward academically. She said she felt hopeful and inspired after hearing about the family who sent many of their kids to college by the age of twelve.  I was curious and went online to learn more. I came across this Today Show interview with this family.

The Harding family has kids that range from 4 to 26. They have sent seven of their ten kids to college by the age of 12. Many of them received degrees or advanced degrees by the age of 17 or 18. You can watch the Today Show video back from May 15th here: ‘The Brainy Bunch’: Family’s homeschooling method sends 7 children to college by age 12. Their kids have degrees in math, music, English, history and more.  Two of the kids are pursuing careers in architecture and internal medicine.

There is also an article in the Christian Science Monitor about Keith Harding who graduated from Faulkner University at the age of 15 last month: Homeschool Teen Graduates College at 15. The family was asked if they felt that the kids missed out on normal childhood things.  According to the Mona Lisa (their Mom), “They still have a social life – they play organized team sports and still hang out at the mall sometimes with friends – and still have homework like everyone else. ” And, according to the article, ” neither Keith or Katrinnah feel they have missed out on a childhood. They meet with friends regularly – on Friendship Friday – and have no regrets over the academic path they have taken.”

They also have a book out on Amazon called The Brainy Bunch if you are interested in reading more about this Christian family and their homeschool journey.

I don’t have any special dreams to see my kids ready to go to attend college at an early age, but I think it’s wonderful that the kids in this family had the opportunity to pursue their passions in a way that works for them.

On a different note, today (June 8th) is the last day to get the free Kindle book: Natural Born Learners: Unschooling and Autonomy in Education. I downloaded it yesterday and enjoyed the first essay by John Taylor Gatto. We aren’t unschoolers, but I enjoy reading about different educational theories and philosophies.


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