Water Unit: Free Worksheets on Water and Water Usage

As I mentioned yesterday, we started a new unit on water (jumping off onto a new tangent for our weather unit).  I made a couple of pages for the kids’ science notebooks. They go along with some of the resources I shared yesterday.


I had the kids try to brainstorm as many uses for water as they could and then had them study a printout of the USGA water use poster to add to their list:


I also had them think about how much water they use on a daily basis. Here’s the worksheet I made for them:  What’s Your Daily Water Use?


We loved the Engineering Unit: Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters, but if you can’t afford the entire unit, I still recommend that you buy the book that goes with this unit: Saving Salila’s Turtle. It really brought out some great points about the water cycle, pollution and figuring out ways to clean our water.

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