Family Games Night (A Review of Several Games)

It has been WAAaay too long since we had a family games night. For a while we did really well holding a family meeting once a month or so (see this post-Holding a Family Meeting) and this post (Our Monthly Family Meeting).  Last weekend, though, everyone was home (no sleep-overs, no sporting events!) and so we gathered together to play a bunch of games! Fun!

This was the first time we had played the Hasbro game, Whoonu. It sure was fun and was a great way to think about the ones we love!  The premise is pretty simple. One person is “Whosit” — and everyone else chooses a card that they think the “Whosit” will really like. All the players puts that card into an envelope and then the “Whosit” places the cards in order from favorite to least favorite. She reveals the cards and the players all get a token (numbered 1 through 5 depending on where their card was ranked).

LD has ranked all the cards and reveals that root beer is his favorite thing!



ED revealed her cards — showing that she liked camping the most. I was surprised that she ranked chicken noodle soup as better than bumper cars!! Who knew?!!!


We also played several card games… Quiddler (affiliate link), which is a game where you have to make words. (great for young readers through great grandparents!)  To play, you draw a card from the discard pile or from the draw pile and try to form a word. You have to keep the same number of cards in your hand so you must discard each round.  When someone has a word (or words) she says “Quiddler.” Each player has one more chance to draw a card/discard. Once everyone has had their turn the cards are revealed.

You add up the points at the end of the round (based on the numbers on each card). Also, the person with the longest word or most word gets and extra 10 points. In the picture  below “bad” would have 15 points, “that” would have 14 points plus 10 more for being the longest word and “at” would have 5 points but you’d have to subtract 2 points for the card that wasn’t used (each word has to be at least 2 letters in length).

Each round you add a card — so the first round is 3 cards, second deals 4 cards to everyone and so forth… all the way through 10 cards (or whenever you want to stop). Our family played just three rounds.



We also played Set and Blink. I reviewed these two games before (they’re really terrific for challenging people to think quickly!!).

Read more about the card game Set here (great for ages 5 or 6 on up)

You can find the game here: Set: The Family Game of Visual Perception (Cover art may vary) (affiliate link)


read more about the card game Blink here (great for ages 3 and up)

You can find the game at Amazon here: Blink Card Game The World’s Fastest Game (affiliate link)


If you are thinking ahead to the holidays, these are all really terrific games.

I’ve reviewed lots of games on the blog. You’ll find information about other games (we have a lot of critical thinking games and cooperative games) here.

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