Simple Machines Unit: Wedge Hands-On Activities

The wedge is a pretty easy concept to remember, but we still took the opportunity to have some fun with wedges!

We spent some time outside at the wood pile using real wedges to split wood (plus, we got some wood ready for the woodstove!!)

This is a tool call a “Smart Splitter.” Even the kids can split wood with it. They simply lifted the weight and dropped it down to drive the wedge into the log.  Four or five drops and the log is split into two! [I highly recommend this if you need a relatively cheap log splitter! I’ve been using it almost daily because we have a wood-stove in our homeschool room.]


They also tried a traditional wedge and sledge hammer. That was much harder for the kids!


Finally, we spent some time doing soap carvings (knives are also wedges)! We hadn’t done this before, so we all have a lot of fun! This was a bit more of an “art” project than actual science, right?!


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Simple Machines Booklet: This is a booklet all about the six types of simple machines: lever, wheel and axle, inclined plane, wedge, pulley and screw. It also covers the three classes of levers.

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