Back From Our Trip Out West! (Colorado at 10,000 Feet)

Some homeschoolers pack everything and travel around the country or around the world for a year or so.  We dream of doing that, but have to be content (for now?!!) with shorter trips.  We got back late Saturday night from an amazing two-week trip out to the Colorado area. It was such a fabulous trip!

We headed out there because Hubby’s cousin was getting married up in the mountains near Crested Butte. Even though it’s not the first thing we did when we arrived, I’ll start with some beautiful pictures from that area of Colorado.

This was the setting for the wedding… way out on some dirt roads, in a meadow filled with wildflowers on national park land…

We camped next to a lake (Lake Irwin) just outside Crested Butte. Brrr… was it cold at night! (The first night it was in the upper 30s and rainy!). What’s amazing to me is that Hubby’s cousin and new wife live up in the mountains there year round (when the area is only accessible by snowmobile!!).

I got up one morning really early before the kids or their cousins were awake and went for a long walk. I can’t tell you how incredible it was to walk around by myself… it was rejuvenating, relaxing, and such an amazing opportunity to get away from normal life! I loved taking photos (and had a very hard time picking out the few to share here on the blog!).

The wildflowers were incredible up there at 10,000 feet!

The non-touristy highlights of our trip…

  • The kids loved (loved, loved!) spending time with their three cousins who are almost exactly the same ages. Hubby got to see both of his sisters/bros-in-law, his parents and lots of extended family.
  • LD split open his chin. We made a quick trip to the ER to have it super-glued closed.
  • ED spent one morning sick with a tummy virus. 🙁 Ugh.
  • LD learned a new piece on the piano from his cousin — and is now VERY excited about the piano again.
  • Hubby bought me a beautiful turquoise, onyx and chrysoprase ring to replace the wedding band that broke several years ago.

I’ll be sharing more trip-highlights in the coming days as I get my feet on the ground.  The kids and are are starting back into school very (very) slowly these next couple of weeks. That said, we had to go get Boomer (our dog) from the kennel this morning (Monday) and other things seemed to creep into the day (laundry, sorting mail, gymnastics practice/meetings, etc.). We’ll start out at a snail’s pace and then rev up speed as life permits!

By the way, on Sunday night (the peak of the Perseid Meteor Showers that I mentioned a couple nights ago) the kids and I all slept outside on the trampoline. Yes, the night after we got home from CO!!  It was partly cloudy when we went to sleep, but I awoke a number of times in the night and at one point saw a spectacular “falling star”!!  The kids loved “camping out” like that (and it was considerably warmer than it was in the Colorado Rockies!)!

This was our third-annual backyard camp out!!

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