Arches National Park — A Must See for Families!

When we arrived in Colorado, we had a couple of days before we had to be at the family wedding. Looking at the map, we decided to do a quick road trip to Arches National Park in Utah.  We set off through the mountains, enjoying the change in landscape from the east coast woods.  At one stop, there was a prairie dog town — which the kids just loved!!

We decided to stop at Glenwood Hot Springs on our way toward Arches in Utah.  We swam for several hours before piling the kids back in the car and heading to Grand Junction, CO. The kids thought it was pretty neat to swim in the hot springs!

The next morning the terrain changed pretty dramatically as we drove into Utah…

 It was hot at Arches National Park, but the kids did an amazing job hiking and climbing around all day!

Both DD and I took hundreds of pictures! This evening while I was going through the pictures, ED said mournfully, “I wish we could go back to Arches.”

All too soon, the sun was setting and it was time to head out… and on to our next adventure!


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