Science Curriculum Sale over at Mr. Q’s Science

Between January 16 and 22nd, there is a 50% off sale at Mr. Q’s Science Classic Science curriculum. He offers

  • Life Science (FREE: see the note below)
  • Earth Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physical Science

To get a flavor for the curriculum, you can download the Elementary Life Science Curriculum for free at any time. He also has lots of samples for each science curriculum before you buy it.  We have not used his science materials in our homeschool, but I’m definitely considering purchasing a couple of his units… especially the one on rocks since we’ll be delving into that shortly.

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  1. Selah says:

    I am currently using Mr. Q’s Life Science with my 2nd grader. It’s okay, the text is very informative, but the directions for the experiments are often unclear. Also, I have found some mistakes in the answer keys for the worksheets and tests. Hopefully, these types of errors are resolved in the units that you actually have to pay for, but I would suggest caution.

    • Liesl Den says:

      Thanks for letting everyone know! I personally use Real Science 4 Kids and Janice VanCleaves books (among other things!) and can definitely recommend RS4Kids.

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