Preschool Science: Living, Nonliving

We’ve been having a discussion of what makes something living. Living things

  • eat
  • drink (need water)
  • breathe
  • grow
  • reproduce

We’ve been observing mealworms for the past couple weeks.  We saw evidence of their growth because they shed their exoskeleton.

P1210181mealwormsYesterday we noticed they had transformed completely into darkling beetles!

P1210777DarklingBeetlesWe’ve been keeping track of the growth of three sunflower plants out in the garden. Our sunflowers have grown an inch every day so far. We water them every day.

Growth-of-SunflowersFrom a couple weeks ago (above) to last week (below) ED’s sunflower grew nearly a foot!

Growth-of-Sunflower2To this morning when the sunflower towered over her head!

P1210783sunflowerLiving – Nonliving Montessori Cards:

We brought out the Montessori cards and ED sorted them into the two categories. You can find some free Living -Nonliving Cards that we made here.



By the way, I made the title “Preschool Science” but the older kids (6 and almost 9) have joined in too!


See how this fits into ED’s preschool science by clicking here.


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