File Folder Games

Have you heard of File Folder Games? They are quick games to help build skills in math, reading, science, social studies and more.  We use them lots and lots in our homeschool.

Here are a couple examples that ED, my preschooler, has played recently.

This File Folder Game has her practicing counting by 10s and 1s:

Here are a couple other examples. One has the child fill in the missing numbers 100, 101, 102… The other is a rhyming activity.

Since we have three children in our family we decided to purchase some of the ready-made games (saves on printer ink!), Colorful File Folder Games. This is the kindergarten level, but they come in lots of different levels from pre-K through Grade 3. We only used K and Grade 1.

One place I’ve gone for lots and lots of free file folder games like the top photo above is File Folder Fun. I’ve printed out a lot of these activities especially for early elementary.

For example, here are file folder games for all the multiplication tables. The picture below is showing the games for the 3s and 6s.  You just cut out the pictures, glue the answers onto a file folder, and have the kids match the problems to the answers.

Again visit File Folder Fun for lots of free printables in lots of different subject areas.

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