Multiplication Card Game – Great for beginners or advanced learners

Last November we reviewed a  multiplication card game called Speed!  We still love this card game so much!  DD has started playing it almost daily as she works on her 3s and 4s times tables and practices skip counting.  We play a variety of games with these decks of cards.

Since DD is just learning how to play we don’t do the competitive, quick game of Speed (see details about that here and a brief explanation below). Instead I hand out 14-16 cards to each player and then we lay the cards down to see who has the most cards in the sequence — 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40. It’s not a version of the game that requires speed, it requires luck. DD really enjoys that version and it has really helped her become familiar with the multiplication sequences.

We also play another multiplication game with these cards lately. We each get five cards. We take turns drawing a card and trying to make sets of three cards in a row (4,8,12 or 16,20,24). The first person to make three sets of three wins the round.

The bonus of this game is that whenever I pull this out to play with DD, LD always wants to play a round as well. He plays the competitive, fast version since he knows his times tables pretty well.  Each player plays off the 2 piles in the middle and places cards above or below the number (so if playing the 4s — and a 32 is the top card then either player could play a 28 or a 36).

If you are interested in purchasing these card sets (the box includes the 2s through the 9s each in their own box), they are available at Amazon.

Disclaimer: I was sent Speed to review last November. I did so and was not requested to review it again nor was I under obligation to give away a set (as I did last November). We simply really enjoy this card game, which was developed by a fellow homeschooler, Julie.  The opinions about this game are solely my own.

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