Spectacular Science (at least that’s what the kids think of this experiment!)


P1170623fireworksP1170649fireworksWe were so impressed and inspired by the science festival that the kids begged for science experiments during collection (our group time).

Our experiment today was the Fireworks in Water experiment. I saw over on A Bit of This and A Bit of That back a half a year ago or so a twist on the experiment we’ve always done.  We took shaving cream, sprayed it on top of a bowl of water and dripped a bit of food dye and water onto the shaving cream.  As the water/dye was heavier than the cream, it slowly made its way down and created exploding bits of color in the water. You might want to have your child use an eye dropper to squeeze drops of water/dye (or paint/dye) onto the shaving cream. That helps with those small motor skills!  The results were really pretty both under the water and on top!

Fireworks with Shaving Cream and Water:Fireworks-and-shaving-cream

Fireworks with Oil and Water:

Then the kids begged to do it the way we’ve always done it–with oil and water.   First, we placed two tablespoons of oil in a pitcher, added drops of food dye (red, yellow, blue), mixed them lightly and poured the oil on top of the water.  This time we kept getting a muddy brown mixture so we adjusted our process a bit adding 2 tablespoons of oil to the water, then adding a few drops of dye. We were impatient when they didn’t drop through and used a toothpick to burst the color balls of dye–to some spectacular results!  The kids loved popping the dye balls and watching the colors explode into the water!

Fireworks oil and water

In honor of the fabulous science celebration I started to put together a packet of some of the science experiments and activities we have enjoyed through the years; something you could download and printout to do with your kids/students.  I had grand plans, got half-way done and then…   unfortunately, life gobbled up my time… school, some work that needed to be done outside, soccer practice, dinner and some well-deserved time with hubby this evening is going to put that on hold for a couple of days.

Here’s the free science experiment packet!


Have a great day! ~Liesl

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