Addition Games

Since LD has had time on the computer playing multiplication math games, DD wanted some games of her own.

Here are some of the addition and subtraction games I found for her. Funschool Alien Attack — LD was really keen to play this and the levels got progressively more challenging (13+13 or 16+17)

Another game from Funschool was the Math Popper. I have the addition version pictured, but they also have that in subtraction and multiplication.

Feed Fribbit from Cool Math Games — There was an addition, subtraction and multiplication version of this.

 Math Lines–Shoot out the ball that makes 11 (so the 2 would shoot a 9 or an 8 would shoot a 3).

I found a lot of cute addition games at For example pictured to the left is Alien Munchtime – This is an addition game. You can choose the fact family you want to practice.

Fun4thebrain also had an entire page of subtraction games as well.

And here’s a game called Scrambled Eggs: Addition Doubles

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