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Roman Numeral Worksheet Packet 0

Free Roman Numerals Packet (& Famous Dates in History)

Do you know this date, MCCXV? What about MCMLXIII? I wanted my kids to be able to figure out tricky dates like those, so I made this Roman Numeral Packet over the break. The first few pages introduce the Roman numerals and helped my youngest daughter understand how they were built.  There is a table that the kids filled in with I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500, M=1000. My older...


What Do We Cover in Our Homeschool Each Day?

Someone had a great question for me yesterday.  Since I usually just post about one topic at a time on the blog she wondered what else we cover each day. I thought I’d stick my answer into its own post since other’s might be scratching their heads wondering if we have regular stuff we cover.  Here was my answer… We usually have one or two units going on… right now...

Addition Games 0

Addition Games

Since LD has had time on the computer playing multiplication math games, DD wanted some games of her own. Here are some of the addition and subtraction games I found for her. Funschool Alien Attack — LD was really keen to play this and the levels got progressively more challenging (13+13 or 16+17) Another game from Funschool was the Math Popper. I have the addition version pictured, but they also have...