Hamburger Plant Activity– Garden Science Unit

Knowing we’d be doing the hamburger plant activity and to get us into the proper mood, we had hamburgers for dinner the night before!

This activity came from the instructor’s manual of the Junior Master Gardener program.

The next morning we drew pictures of an imaginary hamburger plant.  The purpose of this activity was to discuss the origins of many of the ingredients in a hamburger. When you trace things back, even the hamburger/cows depends on plants.

LD’s hamburger plant was so logical — with the buns at the top and bottom and the various ingredients falling onto one-another to make the finished product. My hamburger ingredients were willy-nilly everywhere — kind of like my haphazard organizational skills!!


Here we discussed the origins of all the hamburger ingredients with the bun’s main ingredient coming from wheat, the burger/cow depending on grass (and grain), mustard coming from a mustard plant, etc.

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