Sisters and Happiness

I turn to my sister when I need to share news–the good and the bad, the gross (right Sis?!!) and the funny. I turn to my sister when I need to complain. I turn to my sister when I’m overwhelmed (like the many many phone calls at 2 or 3am from Australia when things were overwhelming on our move… luckily for her it was mid-day then!).  She’s the one ultimately that I can always lean on.  Here’s a wonderful article that explains why sisters are so important! New York Times Oct 26, 2010    I can certainly attest to the importance of the sister-bond!

Oh–and I came back to add in how inspiring my own sister is. She also homeschools her kids. Her three kids are now hitting the late elementary to early high school years so she has lots of advice for us.  She works full time, is writing a book and has had to deal with long stretches (10 or 11 months or so) when her husband was deployed overseas in Kuwait/Iraq.  Even as we speak her husband is overseas for “just” five or six weeks.  Oh–and if you’ve read the blog for a time, you’ll remember that she and her family lost their house last May in a major flood. Her positive attitude (we’ll assume we lost everything and anything we salvage from the house is a bonus) was nothing short of astounding!!

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