Exploring the Woods

We are thoroughly enjoying our new environment. It is completely different than the Outback, but has so much to offer in its own beautiful way. These next few postings will show how much we’ve enjoyed exploring! We are so, so happy in our new home. We just wish Daddy weren’t having to work such long hours. 🙁

LD found this cute orange salamander.  We see lots and lots of blue-tailed lizards (I don’t know the official name), but this was a more unique find.
We used to spend a lot of time outbush looking for kangaroo bones.  The kids were absolutely amazed by this deer skull we found in our yard (probably left by the previous owners.)
LD named this set of rocks in the woods behind our home “Quartz Castle.”
Although there is much to do in the house (Oh so much to do!!), we try to head outdoors a lot to hike and explore in the woods behind our house.  I know I’ve mentioned (to friends and family) how great the trails are.  Here’s a fairly typical picture–very little underbrush (ie. making it a bit better as far as ticks go) and NO poison ivy or chiggers!!

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