Nature Journals

“This is the best day of my life!”  That’s what LD had to say about the nature journaling we started a couple of days ago.  He was SO excited about drawing all the things we had discovered in the woods that he kept begging for more and more time.  WHAT?!!!  Our son said that?! It’s wonderful to find somethings that is so appealing to him (especially if it involves writing/drawing).

So, here’s a bit more of that day (I posted pictures below as well).

We meandered along the creek for aways.

We spotted various animal tracks along the creek like this deer track above.

We stopped on this bridge for a snack and I pulled out blank notebooks for all three kids and myself.  I explained about journaling, said that it was not only a great way to preserve memories about everything that they saw, but that scientists have been journaling for centuries.  LD’s ears perked up when he heard that. He often declares, “I’m a scientist, right?  After all I found all those fossils… (etc.)”
Pretty soon the girls lost interest and wandered off.  LD saw them, grabbed his notebook and lay down on this fallen tree.  It was SO cute!  Of course, by the time I grabbed my camera he was sitting.  As I said, he kept begging to have more time (we needed to get back because it was dinner time.)
Even ED was into the journaling. She kept coming back to her notebook to draw too!


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