Science Experiment Month Has Begun!

We’re ready for our month of science experiments!
I gathered lots of ideas, printed them out and put
them together into a little booklet.

We watch a friend during the school holidays and last
January we did a lot of science experiments together.
The experiments were such a bit hit with all the kids
last year that we decided to spend a full month doing
experiments again this year.

My goal is for the experiments to be interesting and to
be easy enough for the kids to be able to do them with
minimal help from me. I want them to be excited about
science and expect we’ll repeat  many of these in the
days/weeks/months to come. Some experiment trays I
leave on the kitchen counter so they can repeat them as
they wish, other experiments I leave in their workbox
drawer for a while. Others we do just once.

LD was so excited this year as he’s seen me prepping
that we started doing a few experiments a week or so
“early.”  These next few weeks I’ll be posting more pictures
of our dabbles into science.

Here are some good science links I’ve used this year:

And the All Boy Homeschool did a series of
chemistry experiments and she blogged about it
back in September and October.

I also used Mudpies to Magnets, the Usborne
Big Book of Experiments
, DK’s Kitchen Science,
and a few other sources.

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