Experiment 1: What do ants eat?

Experiment 1: What do ants eat?

There are about 1300 different species of ants here
in Australia. We’ve heard that there are more ants
(by weight) in Australia than people in the world.
I don’t know if that’s true, but I can tell you that
we see streams of ants an inch thick heading up
and down the side- walks in the parks and

As an aside, DD was bit by a 1 inch bull ant on a
camping trip and you can check out a picture of
this nasty ant here.

We did a little experiment with a colony in the
little park behind our house. We observed that
the ants were not interested in any food during
the heat of the day. Once the sun started going
down, ants swarmed over the sweet stuff —
particularly the honey.

Of course, then we had to go check out the
Bowerbird’s nest a few doors down from the
park. Bowerbirds are notorious for collecting
objects (of a certain color). The Bowerbird
in our neighborhood likes whitish things. We
brought back shells from our trip and found
a shell we’re pretty sure was ours in its

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