Monthly Archive: October 2009

Skip Counting by 3s 0

Skip Counting by 3s

LD is learning to skip count by 3s. He set up the wagonsand then put groups of three mini-erasers above eachwagon. To get him familiar with the general concept ofmultiplication I talk about groups of 3 (1X3 is one group ofthree; 2X3 is two groups of three, and so forth) and had him putthe seals under the appropriate wagon wheel. wagons and seals are available at

Fruit Leather 1

Fruit Leather

I saw this idea on the Crafty Crow and thought it wouldbe pretty straight forward for the kids. It turned out reallywell! We used 6 1/2 cups fruit (2 1/2 raspberries, 4 cups blueberry)and 3 teaspoons of sugar. We cooked the berries on the stove for 45 minutes.Next we pureed it in the blender.Finally we baked it in the oven on low for 6 hours or so. Here’s the website...

Crockpot Recipe — HUNGARIAN GOULASH 0


My sister is amazing!  She homeschools three kids (8, 10, 13), is a professor and works full time (though she can work from home for some of that), is writing a book, and her husband is currently deployed to Iraq until June. She loves meals that fix themselves and I said I’d share this with her (and with all the busy people out there!)  This is currently one of my...

Preschool Math — Number Line Game 1

Preschool Math — Number Line Game

Here’s an activity DD (age 4) and I played together today.It is good for reinforcing number recognition. Theobject is to be the first person to turn over the cardsfrom 0 to 12 in order. To set up we turned the numbers 0-12 upside downin a row (one row for each player). When it was a player’sturn she got to turn over two cards (Mom actually onlyturned over one card). If...

Diaper Wipe Flowers 0

Diaper Wipe Flowers

The Crafty Crow mentioned this great flowerproject. You can find more information about how to makethese flowers at — Dry out some diaper wipes. Cut them into a large square.I then cut square into four pieces. Fold the small square into a triangle. Then fold the endsup. Fold and sew the two points and middle section togetherand sew five or six pedals together tightly. Staple the back sides together. Paint...

Stickers for the toddler 0

Stickers for the toddler

Here’s an easy activity everyone probably does with theirkids — stickers! Oriental Trading sells rolls of round stickers that all threeof my kids have LOVED as toddlers (ED is 20 months now).Search within the Oriental Trading website under “sticker rolls.”ED’s using some Halloween stickers, but there are allkinds of sticker themes from holidays, animals and dinosaurs,to Bible and religious stickers. If your child is young, I wouldrecommend using the round...

Math — Estimation Activity 0

Math — Estimation Activity

We took a handful of mini erasers and put them on the table.Everyone had to make an estimate of how many erasersthere were in the pile. I guessed 75, LD guessed 90 andDD guessed 97, though she wrote it backwards. “Don’tLOOK!” she admonished me as she bent over her paper.It was the first time she’s ever written numbers and shestudied our numbers carefully to do it and to make herown...