Math Addition Activities – 7

I’m not sure this exactly qualifies as addition (it’s also
logic, strategy and so forth), but LD got this award
winning card game for his birthday and LOVES it. It is
called Rat-a-tat-Cat The premise is that you have to get
rid of your rats (the high cards like 7, 8, 9) and try to get
only low cards. You can not look at your face down card
unless you get a “peek” card. You might get a “swap”
card and can exchange with the other player’s face
down cards. When someone is ready they say “Rat-a-tat-Cat”
and the other players have one last turn. Then each
play adds all his/her cards together and the winner
is the person with the lowest sum.

(To play the more advanced version, all 4 cards are faced

Someone gave this addition card game called Math Smart: Addition
good reviews. It’s in the back of my mind (or a gift idea from
the grandparents?!!)

I just have to mention before I go.  It has some
really great math games. LD has played a ball-shooting game
which helps him practice sums of 10 (or whatever you
choose).  He really enjoys playing this game

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