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Capitalization Rules and Practice Sheet (free) 0

Capitalization Rules and Practice Sheet (free)

The main focus of our language arts is always reading — both independently and aloud together. I really feel there’s no better way to increase your vocabulary, learn about the eloquence of language. We talk about what we read, we memorize poetry and all that.  But since we have some standardized testing coming up, we’re doing some more formal language arts review (thus all the worksheets).  A quick, straightforward sheet...

Punctuation Practice 2

Punctuation Practice

LD has been reviewing his punctuation and capitalization rules this past week or so.  Here’s a new sheet he did about our family holiday a year or so ago (or go to my downloads page).  The playground we went to was amazing!! The kids still talk about this playground. You probably won’t care that much about LD’s worksheet, but I bet some will be amazed by this public playground!  I’ll...

Language Worksheets 6

Language Worksheets

 I’ve made a few worksheets to go with our language and spelling lessons, but only just started writing them on google docs. I’ll post them in my Free Downloads area  if anyone is ever interested. They’re plain old worksheets, but this seems to work really well for my son to help review language rules with an absolute minimum of writing (which we do in other areas of our homeschool day)....