Memory Work

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we started using First Language Lessons.  DD really, really loves the memory work. So much so, that we’ve added in some other poems from this poetry book to the left. It has cute, short poems just perfect in length and in subject matter for DD. She really likes the Ladybug by Joan Walsh Anglund and memorized it within a day or so:


A small speckled visitor wearing crimson cape,
Brighter than a cherry, smaller than a grape

A polka-dotted someone walking on my wall,
A black-hooded lady in a scarlet shawl.

In the past four weeks or so she has memorized four poems, her address and phone number.  LD isn’t as entranced by the poems (he’s memorized them, but doesn’t have as much enthusiasm).  He did, however really like learning his 7 times tables/skip counting.  I’ve heard him singing them to strangers!

Let me share them again:
Row, row, row your boat
7, 14, 21
Gently down the stream
28, 35
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
42,49, 56, 63
Life is but a dream
70 — we’ve arrived!

I mentioned the 7 times tables (and tune) before, but it’s been so effective I made up one for the 8 times tables too. I’ll share that soon!

Meanwhile, this week we’re memorizing some of Ben Franklin’s saying from Poor Richard’s Almanac. We’re starting with…

Early to bed
Early to rise, 
makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

[Hopeful thinking on my part!! The kids never go to bed as early as I’d like because Dad gets home so late from work.]

A penny saved is a penny earned.

And one I love, but I’m not sure that the kids will memorize!

If you would not be forgotten
As soon as you are dead and rotten,
Either write things worthy reading,
Or do things worth the writing.

We’re starting to watch the cartoon series, Liberty’s Kids, so these sayings fit right in!

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