Carnivorous Plants Unit

Carnivorous Plants Worksheets, Notebook Pages, Lapbook/Interactive Notebook

I just added a new 20-page mini-unit on carnivorous plants to the Botany Packet! This packet includes a booklet, notebook pages, writing paper and lapbook/interactive notebook pieces so students can do their own research and writing.

Carnivorous Plants Worksheets Notebook Pages Lapbook and More!

The booklet and notebook pages give an overview about carnivorous plants:

  • Why do carnivorous plants eat insects?
  • How many different species of carnivorous plants are there?
  • What kinds of carnivorous plants are there?
  • How do carnivorous plants catch their prey?

This mini-unit covers

  • Venus Flytraps
  • Bladderworts
  • Sundews
  • Butterworts
  • Pitcher Plants

There is general information about Carnivorous Plants provided. Choose from three options: Booklet, Student Notebook Pages (with fill-in-the blanks) or a full-text version.

Carnivorous Plant Booklet:

Carnivorous Plants Booklet

Carnivorous Plant Notebook Pages:

There are student pages with fill-in-the-blank pages or complete pages that you can print out and read with your kids instead.

Carnivorous Plants Notebook Pages

Carnivorous Plant Writing Pages and Lapbook/Interactive Notebook Pieces:

My daughter has been reading and doing her own research on the different types of carnivorous plants.  She wanted lapbook/interactive notebook pieces whereas my other kids wanted to do a notebook page.  I have provided both options for you.

Carnivorous Plants Unit - Writing Pages - Interactive Notebook Pieces

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Carnivorous Plants Unit - Venus flytrap Pitcher Plants Bladderworts and more

This mini-unit has been added to our Botany Unit:

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Parts of a Flower Parts of a Seed Worksheets and Notebook Pages

Parts of a Flower, Seed and Fruit - Notebook Pages

Botany Packet: Plant Kingdom Materials

Recently this packet was updated once again to include new material on plant classification. Students will learn about the life cycles of mosses, ferns, gymnosperms (conifers & cycads), and angiosperms (flowering plants).

Plant Classification Worksheets - Ferns Mosses Conifers Plant life cycles  This botany post here goes into lots more detail about those new materials.

Botany Unit - Worksheets and Notebook Pages - Plant Kingdom Moss Ferns conifers angiospermsLike many of our packets, there are several options to choose from, depending on the age of your kids. There is a page with a basic diagrams (for younger kids), one for note-taking, a fill-in-the-blank option or one with full notes.

Here’s the screen shot of the moss life cycle worksheets. Visit this post to see the pages on Ferns and/or Conifers that were recently added to the Botany Packet.

Moss Life Cycle WorksheetsThe Botany Packet is currently $6.99.

Note: The Botany Packet is also included in the Biology Bundle of 5 (see detail below).

Botany Packet – Quick Preview


Botany Packet

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Botany Unit - Parts of a Flower Parts of a Seed Carnivorous PlantsDon’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

Botany Unit - Worksheets and Notebook Pages - Plant Kingdom Moss Ferns conifers angiosperms

$28.99 Biology BUNDLE of 5: 1) Biology Unit (Biomes, habitats, food chains/webs, feeding relationships) 2)  Scientific Classification & Taxonomy Packet 3) Ocean Unit & Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone Activities 4) Cells Unit 5) Botany Unit

Scroll down below for more pictures!

Biology Bundle of 5

These packets can be purchased individually or are included in the Biology Bundle Option/s:

If you are interested in going into even more detail about plants, they you might be interested in our Cell Unit.  It goes into quite some depth about animal vs. plant cells.  This past fall, my kids also spent time learning about the layers of the leaf and did a leaf identification project which is also included in the cell unit.

$8.99  Cells Unit – cell theory, prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells, animal vs. plant cells, organelles of the cell, the layers of a leaf, photosynthesis and more. It even includes a “Build a Cell” Game! Quick Preview or visit the post or view image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5, image 6, image 7

Cell Unit Worksheets

Plant Cells WorksheetsCell Biology - Organelles of the Cell worksheets activities

Biology Unit (find out more at this post): After our family did the Animal Unit, we went on to study the biosphere. We talked about the different biomes, animal feeding relationships and more.

  $6.50 Biology Unit: Biomes, habitats, ecosystem, biological interactions, feeding relationships (70 pages)

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link from SendOwl (the delivery service I use)!

Biology Unit - biomes biological interactionsBiomes Worksheets and PicturesFood Chain Food Web Food Pyramid Activties - Interactive Notebook Pages

$8.99 Ocean Unit – Layers of the Ocean/Ocean Zone  

Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link from SendOwl (the delivery service I use)!

Ocean-Unit-100 Pages Marine-Habitats-Ocean-Currents-Tides-BioluminescenceMarine Habitats WorksheetsOcean worksheets marine habitats ocean features and moreCorals and Coral Reefs Worksheets - Notebook Pages and Lapbook ActivityBioluminescence-WorksheetsLayers-of-the-Ocean-Activities

  $6.99 Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Packet

Scientific Classification and Taxonomy Unit - Packet 60+pagesScientific Classification- Dichotomous Key ActivitiesTaxonomy-Scientific Classification-Activities

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