Free Winter Division and Multiplication Worksheets

ED is working hard on division. She has now learned almost all of the multiplication tables (except for the 8s).  These winter-themed worksheets are mostly for division practice, but there are a few pages of general multiplication worksheets too.  There are 9 pages total. These are free to download. 🙂

Hope someone can use these! If you use them we’d love to hear from you.  ED always loves when she hears that others are using “her” worksheets!!  🙂 ~Liesl

Winter Division and Multiplication Worksheets

Winter-Division-Multiplication-WorksheetsHUGE Multiplication/Division BUNDLE

And if your kids enjoyed the pages above, they’ll LOVE the HUGE Multiplication/Division BUNDLE. It has than 20 pdfs!

My daughter loved all the fun worksheets and games for learning all of the multiplication and division facts!

Multiplication Division Worksheet Bundle 2s thru 9s

Multiplication and Division Worksheets

Valentine's Day Division Worksheet Packet

Multiplication Worksheets 8s 9s

As you can tell, I make ED quite a lot of her math worksheets. She is using Spectrum Math (and I did for the other two kids as well). They are just collections of problems, but I put sticky tabs on 4 or 5 different pages and have her do a row of different types of problems from all over the book.  My kids were all in a level or so above their technical grade… so ED (age 7/grade 2) is just about done with the Spectrum Math, Grade 3 (affiliate link) workbook. (They are all just under $10.) At one point we tried other math curriculums like Singapore Math and Saxon math, but neither of them worked as well for us as these simple math workbooks supplemented with other things.

Spectrum-Math-3We used Spectrum Math up through Grade 6 or so. Then last year LD (when he was grade 6/age 11) worked through some of the Art of Problem Solving Prealgebra (affiliate link) last year along with a couple other workbooks. (We read it together.) And this year (now grade 7/age 12), he is using Prealgebra (4th Edition) (affiliate link) by Blair/Tobey/Slater. I’m really happy with this book and will definitely use it with the girls.  I feel that LD got a really solid foundation of prealgebra concepts how and why things work with the Art of Problem Solving… so that this year he was really ready to tackle all the practice problems of the Blair/Tobey book. (By the way, there are no answers with the student edition, so I have to check his answers. But that hasn’t been a problem for me. The text is clearly laid out with good example problems.)  I will do the same progression with DD next year I think. There is a Prealgebra (5th Edition). (affiliate link) I went with the 4th edition (with the cover below) because it is considerably cheaper to buy used.


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Learning the Multiplication Facts:  As my daughter moved into learning her multiplication facts I looked around for the kind of multiplication practice that would help her. The math book she was using went through the math facts a bit too quickly for her.  She needed quite a bit of repetition and wanted bright, colorful worksheets. I wound up making my own sets of practice pages and games. She loved that! Be sure to check out our Multiplication Bundle here: Learning the Multiplication Tables 2s thru 9s. Scroll down to see the links to these individual packets below.


Purchase our COMPLETE multiplication bundle, 10 pdf files, for $7.00

  • 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s (8 Pages) – Bugs, Butterfly and Flowers Theme
  • Flower and Bird Theme (25+ pages total) 13 worksheets specifically for learning the 3s; Plus it also has 8 pages of mixed practice for reviewing the 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s.
  • Flower and Bird Theme File Folder Games (2s through 6s)
  • The 4s Packet has a total of about 25 pages.
  • The 9s packet has  a total of 19 pages.
  • The Bonus 6s Packet is 10 pages. (Only available in this bundle.)
  • Multiplication by 7s Packet and Review Pages, 10 pages. (Only available in this bundle.)
  • 8s packet (seen above) is 37 pages.
  • Mixed Multiplication Practice Pages (9 pages) – (Only available in this bundle.) Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction plus introducing the new skill – double-digit multiplication (a few problems on each page).
  • Multiplication (and Division) Review Packet, Ancient Egypt Theme (25+ pages)

You can purchase ALL of these multiplication packets (above) by clicking the link below:

Multiplication Bundle (150+ pages of materials)


Note: Upon payment, you be get a link to download the pdf file. You will also receive an email from SendOwl (the service I use) with the transaction link to download the pdfs (sent to your Paypal email address). When you click on that link, it will bring up a window with the links to download the 10 files.  If you have any problems with your order feel free to contact me: liesl at homeschoolden dot com or reply to the email from SendOwl. 🙂   ~Liesl

Includes 10 pdf packets for a total of 150+ pages of materials:


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Browse through the multiplication category to find other free multiplication worksheets that I’ve made for the kids. Last year’s Pokemon themed multiplication cards and Pokemon multiplication pages were pretty popular!

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