Preschool Science Activity: Animals Above and Below Ground (Free Printable)

In ED’s preschool science we are still talking about plants and animals. On this day we talked about animals and plant parts that live above or below the ground.

We talked about how some animals like the grub or the cicada live part of their life under the ground, then live another stage above the ground. Some animals shelter under the ground when it is cold (like frogs and turtles). Some animals have their young underground for shelter and protection like groundhogs, rabbits and prairie dogs.

ED did a cutting and pasting project, sorting out where various animals lived.


If you are interested you can download the pictures I used. I created a pdf and uploaded it for anyone who might be interested:

Click here to download: Where Do Animals Live? Above or Below Ground


The girls also colored an animal habitat project that we got on sale from Teacher Express (for $1.00) It has picture of the creatures and plants above and below the ground. They didn’t finish the projects but here’s a quick glimpse at what they worked on:


Are you interested in doing more science with your preschooler?  Check out this post: Preschool Science at Home which has links to dozens of other activities we’ve done here at the Homeschool Den


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