Our Homeschool Curriculum (Grades K, 3 and 5)

I had to submit our Notice of Intent to Homeschool and even though I don’t have to go into much detail about our curriculum, I use that as my deadline for roughly mapping out the school year. The kids are in Grades 5, 3 and Kindergarten this year.  I pulled out some (but not all) of the resources we’ll be using for a quick photo:

DSC01723HomeschoolDenCurriculum2013-24Here are some of the things we’ll be covering this fall (and into next year):


  • The kids will continue on with math from where they left off (DD is still working on multiplication; LD is working on fractions).  They’ve been using Spectrum Math workbooks and Singapore Math books. I also make a lot of math sheets and math games that are on their level (like these Patriotic Math games, and this multiplication facts game, etc.).  Plus, we play lots and lots of games.  For example, we use the Right Start Math Card Games (love it!!) for everything from addition (math games), multiplication, fractions and more. We’ll throw in other assorted resources such as IXL math and Murderous Maths (which my sister highly recommended).

Language Arts

  • Writing — at the end of last year, I read a book that was incredibly inspiring. I’ll continue working with the kids on the six traits.  I have a (mental) post about that and at some point will share more.
  • Spelling — the kids will continue with All About Spelling.
  • Grammar — we’ll continue to make our own grammar worksheets, will use Write Source and will read through Grammar Island
  • Reading — The kids read lots and lots on their own. Plus, we read aloud as a family.  I’ll probably suggest a couple of books for LD to read this year.
  • Note-Taking — This is something I really haven’t delved into with the kids, but I feel like LD in particular should begin learning to take notes from a book, from a little blurb I read aloud and for the purpose of research-writing.  So it’s on my “list” though it will be informal and will probably take place during our writing time.
  • We’re going to finish reading through an overview of American History that we started last May (and stopped). We’re thinking that we’ll write and put on a play based on the readings we’re doing… and I suspect that could take on a life of its own! Stay tuned!
  • Last year we did a year-long study of Africa. We’ll continue with some World Cultures/History with a study of India, China and (perhaps) Japan or other parts of Southeast Asia.
  • Geography
  • Simple Machines — We meant to get to this unit the last time we studied physics. We’re going to start the year with this unit. I’m excited and have worked long and hard creating a science packet and finding lots and lots of hands-on activities!!  Fun stuff coming up, for sure!!!
  • Inventions — Then we’ll move on to inventors and inventions.
  • Electricity — We have a great unit planned for learning about electricity, circuits and more. I’m pretty excited about this unit too!  I bought all kinds of random things from radio shack and Lowes for this unit! I’ll be relying on Make: Electronics (Learning By Discovery) for a lot of this unit, plus some other resources we have on hand (we’ll definitely pull out the Snap Circuits again which we haven’t used for ages!).
  • Water — This is a big unit we didn’t get to last year… It’ll include things like the Water Cycle, Fresh Water Resources, Oceans-currents, tides, waves and may move on to weather and natural disasters. I’d like to do some of the activities we did years ago in our Natural Disasters Unit.
  • We’ll do a couple of the hands-on design units from Engineering is Elementary: A Slick Solution: Cleaning an Oil Spill and Water and Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters. My friend did these two units with her kids last spring and said they were wonderful!
  • Cells — I’m hoping we cover some basics about plant and animal cells.
  • Human Body Unit — We usually do a unit on the Human Body.  I’d like to cover something, but I’m not sure what yet (obviously not circulation or the digestive system)
Kindergarten Science
  • ED almost always does the various hands-on activities, but I have other plans for her. We’ll read through our huge library of science books on various topics (see this post listing 50+ of our science books). I also have plans to use Science Starter and Cut & Paste Science with her.  Plus, we’ll add in Montessori activities as well.
Kindergarten Reading and Writing
  • ED will continue working through Primary Phonics this year.
  • ED does writing at the same time as the older kids. I love how she’s taken to writing!
Kindergarten Math
  • ED will do Montessori-style math activities, Right Start Math activities (we have levels A and B), games, etc.  ED will be starting the year out with a math lapbook that I made for her… you can see part of that in the photo above (I’ll post that free math lapbook in a few weeks). She’s working on basic math facts and we’ll be playing lots and lots of games!
Rotations — This year I’m hoping to try something new we’re calling “rotations.”  The kids seem fine with this, but we have yet to try it out.  We’ll set the timer and spending 10 minutes on each of the three things below. Each person will start at a different spot. For example, one will work with me on German, then move on to practice (and do some basic music theory games about rhythm and notes on the staff, etc.) and finally will spend 10 minutes on typing.
  • German
  • Music      
  • Typing —  The kids spent quite a bit of time using Dance Mat Typing and some typing software. This year, I got a couple of books and will have the kids do simple typing lessons straight from the book. More about that at some point!
Art — Last year the kids took an art class once a week. I’m not sure that’s in the budget for this year. If not, I’ll try to add in some of the amazing ideas from art teacher’s websites such as Art Projects for Kids, Deep Space Sparkle and Creating Art with Kids.
Sports — The kids are pretty set in their sports. LD does team gymnastics, ED is doing pre-team and DD is doing several sessions of parkour each week. We’ll take some homeschool swim lessons this fall and might take a homeschool PE class.
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