Here are some comments people have shared about our blog and our packets:

About our blog and resources…

Your website has been such a blessing to me. I always go to your site first to see if you have something I can use. I appreciate your generosity and love your resources.
~Amy Lynn

Dear Liesl,
My name is Anna and I am a new homeschooling momma of 3 children.
I have been so overwhelmed by so much of what I try to find on the internet/pinterest etc. And equally overwhelmed by our purchased curriculum (Sonlight) which is wonderful, but still overwhelming…

And then I found you and your website…and for the first time since we started homeschooling our 3 children (ages 11, 9 and 6) this past December (2017), I now feel excited and confident and NOT overwhelmed and insecure!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your passion and desire to share what you have learned.
I am going to pass your site along with great joy. (I’m not on social media, but I can pass it via email!
I will be purchasing many of your unit studies.
Thank you again,

I love how your packs can be used regardless of ability or age. ~Homeschool Mom

Thanks so much for sharing your awesome work with us. I love all your work.
Best regards!!! ~Fatima

I have used units from Homeschool Den over the past year, and I have several more purchased that I look forward to using. The information is clear, the visual aids and graphics are engaging, and the style is adaptable for kids with different learning styles and abilities. My kids love having the information they need presented clearly, and are more willing to dig deeper and learn more when they understand what they are looking for. I would recommend these learning packs and I am thankful for the success my kids have had while using them. ~Cassie

You and your kiddos are my inspiration in my homeschool journey . ~Viv

Thank you so much for the resources that you have created. I am teaching year 8 lower literacy and numeracy classes and am finding your resources both helpful, valuable and time saving. The content I have been using in Science (The Rock Cycle), History (The Vikings and The Middle Ages), Maths (Foundation maths and Geometry) and English (Poetry and Grammar) have made it very easy for me to plan my lessons without having to “reinvent the wheel”. Often as teachers it is much less stressful to source resources and worksheets than to spend hours creating them ourselves, especially when we need to use different curriculum and year level resources for the students that need a bit of additional support. Your free resources are amazing and very generous and the price for resources that need to be purchased are very reasonable. I will continue to come back to your site and grab what I can for free and buy what I need since this frees up my time for planning, marking and also having a life outside of work. I am happy to highly recommend your site and again, thank you for saving my sanity.


I just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say how amazing your resources are. Have been purchasing quite a few and adding to our collection every day. 
Wish I knew about you three years ago when I started our home ed journey in the UK.
I simply can't tell you how much my son is enjoying them and what a difference it makes to us both. ~Homeschool Mum

About the Earth Science Packet…

Hi Liesl, All I can say is Wow! This packet was so thorough. The kids learned so much and especially loved the experiments and activities. Thank you! ~Evelyn

I loved this unit. My kids loved all the activities! ~Nadine

My 10 yo is loving this. He thought he knew it all but hahaha mr smarty pants didnt ~Nikki

Great resource! I used this with a homeschool co-op and it saved me a lot of preparation time. Thank you! ~Karin

Thank you for the update! It’s a great resource and fits the Montessori curriculum nicely. ~Andrea

About the Cells Packet…

We really appreciate your hard work and dedication and it’s so amazing for our children, for example the cells packet, my children were 5,10 and 13 the first time we used and and they all got something out of it that they amazingly retained, I have found no other provider of materials that can be used for such a wide age range. We are going to cover it again in the new year when they will be 7,12 and 15 and no doubt their understanding will go even deeper. ~Janine

Very thorough and my 5th graders love feeling like they are “so smart”! ~Tiffany (classroom teacher)

I can’t wait to use this! ~Rose

Thank you so much for the update. The game looks really fun! This is such a great unit.~Amy

I like how the book can be differentiated based on skill level. Great alternative to a foldable. ~Erica

Loved using this the last couple of days to review before the test. Awesome activities. ~Jacqueline (classroom teacher)

Great! ~Elle

Loved this! Thank you! ~Shannon

This resource was very thorough. Thank you. ~ (classroom teacher) 

About the Big Animal Bundle

We got the animal bundle a few weeks back. An AMAZING resource! Perfect for a combined geography project. Especially love how you can adapt these packs to suit your learning style.

About the Civics and Government Packet…

I’ll be using this Civics unit this summer, thanks! It’s just what we needed. ~Anonymous

This is excellent. Thanks so much. ~Sharmane

A keeper! Product helps to energize a Government class. ~Phillip (classroom teacher)

Very useful! ~Sandi (classroom teacher)

Good info for my Social Studies class! ~Edward

About the Ocean Bundle…

Excellent resource…nice visuals…I particularly like the section on fish body shapes, etc. ~Karen

Thank you! This resource has been so engaging for my students. You saved me tons of time! ~Sandra

Very well done and helpful for use with my students studying the ocean. ~Bruce

The ocean unit in 8th grade is sooooo broad. This purchase helped me streamline what was needed and gave me many options. Definitely worth the money! ~Anonymous

Amazing! This was a perfect addition to MS oceans unit. ~Science Teacher

About the (free) Native American Notebook Pages…

Hey! Thank you for the Native American resources! They were so helpful! ~Roberta

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