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Travel School: Homeschooling on the Go! 0

Travel School: Homeschooling on the Go!

Do you homeschool in the car and on the go?  Lots of family use time in the car to learn a new language, learn about history,  listen to stories.  Then you hear about the homeschoolers who do extraordinary things for extended periods of time. In the spring and into the summer I followed the adventures of a homeschooling family that hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail. That’s 2,000...

Traveling, Celebrating, Eating, Enjoying! 0

Traveling, Celebrating, Eating, Enjoying!

Happy Holidays! There are estimates that nearly 93.3 million people will travel this holiday season, with nearly 84.4 million people traveling more than 50 miles. I think my friend, M, and her two kids might get the prize for the longest travel plans — 10,000+ miles from the east coast, USA here over to Victoria, Australia.  We, on the other hand, did a short 4 hour trip to see Grandma...