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Creepy Concoctions 0

Creepy Concoctions

We had some free-form science play for a couple of days earlier in the week. The kids made a number of slime concoctions using various recipes from a science experiment book LD has. I’m not quite sure what the kids learned from this, but LD made a bit of “dragon’s blood” yesterday by mixing various ingredients (corn syrup, peanut butter, dish liquid soap, dye, etc.).  Maybe a bit about viscosity?!...

Science Experiment Packet for Preschool-kindergarten 17

Science Experiment Packet

In honor of last weekend’s science celebration I wanted to put together something to inspire other budding scientists out there! I put together a packet of a dozen science experiments that my kids have loved. These are easy-to-prepare experiments and you should have most items on hand around the house.  The download is free! Download the Science Experiment Packet At this post you’ll find three more science experiments and another free...