Creepy Concoctions

We had some free-form science play for a couple of days earlier in the week. The kids made a number of slime concoctions using various recipes from a science experiment book LD has.

I’m not quite sure what the kids learned from this, but LD made a bit of “dragon’s blood” yesterday by mixing various ingredients (corn syrup, peanut butter, dish liquid soap, dye, etc.).  Maybe a bit about viscosity?! Heh-heh! But the kids were enthralled by this!

The girls immediately made “alien blood from Jupiter.” We all thought it looked realistic and gross!

The kids also had an amazing time playing around with Goop–cornstarch (corn flour) and water. They loved the way if felt when you pounded it vs. when you slowly settled your fingers on the top.  I heard lots of “Wows” and “It looks like water, but then it feels super hard.” “It shrinks over your fingers.” I love listen to them explore the different properties.

Sea Slug Slime: The last recipe called for laundry detergent, warm water and school glue.  LD mixed laundry detergent and warm water in a glass jar. He mixed glue with food coloring (he chose green) and then drizzled the glue into the laundry detergent/water mixture.  The outside of the glue creates a delicate “skin.” If the creature bursts, then just drop it back into the laundry detergent to harden the skin again.

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