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Making Math Fun: 15 Activities & Game to Play with Your Kids!

Now that we’re back in the swing of things, I thought I would post all these ideas again. I shared them originally in my series about “How to Start Homeschooling,” but all of these are fun for seasoned homeschoolers too!! Math can be so fun!  What can you do to make math come alive?  Go into detail about measuring cups when you bake and cook.  Incorporate math in the grocery...


Patriotic Themed Math Games

We are only doing a light amount of school work at the moment, but I want to keep some of their math facts and skills fresh.  Here are some math games I made to play with the kids. I made them in a patriotic theme since next Thursday is Independence Day, the 4th of July. My youngest is practicing doubling (1+1, 2+2, etc.). My other daughter is practicing squares (3×3, 7×7,...

Multiplication Games 1

Multiplication Games

LD has learned most of his multiplication facts, but he still needs that extra practice. Here are some online games that he has really enjoyed. And best thing is,  they’re free to play! Multiplication.com has quite a selection of multiplication games. Here are a few of the online games that have been great for reviewing those facts. The Knight and the Princess Multiplication Game: This has to be one of the kids very...