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Princess-Themed Sight Word Game

A couple of years ago I made game-boards to go along with some cute princess-themed sight word cards I found over at Kelly’s Kindergarten. Print out both pages of the sight words  “Cinderella’s Ball.” (3rd game down) and/or the sight words under Sight Word Memory: Princess-easy (you’ll need to scroll down to the 15th game).  Print out the cards on cardstock. To play, place all the cards face down in...


-it and -in words

ED is just now starting to work on simple cvc words.  The past week or so, she has been working on -it and -in words.  We printed out her own -it and -in books. There’s just one word per page like bit, fit, sit in the -it book or bin, fin, win in the -in book.  I sit together with ED as we look over a few pages (we do...